I realize that i haven’t written to you in quite a while. caught up as we are in this adjustment to parenthood, for that I apologise.

let me take this moment then, to share what and how i feel.

Each and everytime, I am thankful. I may not be the type of person who falls to his knees in supplication every weekend, reciting scripture and singing praise.
i want you to know though, that each time before sleep claims my consciousness, I thank whatever higher being there is, that I have you.

I am thankful, because you gave me the opportunity to be a father to such a wonderful little boy.

I am thankful,  because he will have a mother whose love will be the greatest he will ever know.

I am thankful, because I have you as my safe harbor. my northstar. the steady calming influence to the havoc that I am.

I am thankful because although you and I have been through so much,  we never gave up.

I am thankful. because as much as i am Mr. impulsive, you balance me, you do not control, rather you allow me to figure things on my own, always by my side.

i am thankful that although i made a lot of wrong turns on this road called life here we are;  i must have done something right, to have you in my life. you are not just a wife, a partner, or whatever labels there are;

you are the air i breathe
you are the smile i always long to see
first thing when i wake up.
yours is the last kiss i look forward to when we say good night
my travel  buddy who keeps asking if I have the keys
the reason why i face tha day with reckless abandon. you are my superwoman
  my bebi my one true north. happy birthday. i love you.

the list can go on and on

but there is just one more thing…

thank you. words will never be enough..
and i love you with all that i am. and all that i can and will be.