I want to live 50 more years. I`m 33 years old… and I want to live to at least be 80 and see my kids grow up and see my grandkids. That`s important to me.         – Alonzo Mourning  before undergoing successful kidney transplant and returning to win a championship for the heat. he wore #33. my all time favorite baller.

A little bit of introspection through an otherwise alcohol fueled post.  33 thoughts i’d love to pass on.

1. Be thankful. for the universe. for the people that love you unconditionally, for people who call you a friend, the people who stand by you through everything.

2. there will be days when you don’t wanna face the day, when living seems to be a farce. and everything is bleak and gray. rise above it.

3. Sing, even if you can’t carry a tune to save your life. Dance, even if only you can hear the music playing in your heart.

4. Never forget the past, those who took care of you as a kid growing up, those who nurtured and mentored you, those who gave you tough love, those who have passed on.

5. right here right now, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

6. drink in everything! every experience, every heartache, every triumph savor it like fine wine. taste life!

7. Apologize.but never for who you are.

8.  read. devour as many books as you can, let your imagination run free, many hungry nights i’ve spent in the company of books that kept the hunger pangs at bay. and it has filled me, yet intensified my hunger for more at the same time.

9. you can control only what you can control. for the things that you can’t? roll with it. enjoy the roller coaster.

10. Be daring! challenge your limits and you will find out there is so much more to you than you thought was there.

11.Laugh, at yourself with mirth. never at others with derision. it does not matter how stupid you may look. just laugh.

12. Climb mountains. literally and figuratively.nothing is as exhilarating as watching the sun rise on a mountaintop summit

13. Stand up for the things you believe in, and never compromise your principles and never base your life  on what is acceptable to others, but live it based on what is acceptable to you

14. travel. be a stranger in a strange city, and soak it in. but never be a stranger to your family, or who you are

15. listen. there will always be something to learn, everyone has their own story to tell.

16. appreciate life. never take anything or anyone for granted.

17.believe in magic.

18. Create. learn something new everyday.

19. it does not matter how jaded the world may turn out to be, do not ever turn a blind eye on the things going on around you.

20. strive to make this world a better place. there’s too much anger too much scorn. open up your heart.

21. Always put others above yourself. no matter how hard it gets, no matter how painful, no matter the sacrifice.

22. never fake it. be awesome!!!!

23. never look down on anyone, nor should you ever think that anyone is below you, in stature, in intellect, in everything. but never ever settle and think that you can not be more than what you are

24. believe. in yourself, and in the goodness of people’s hearts.

25. love what you do, love who you are.

26. Love, unconditionally, and with everything you have. you may get hurt, you may get scorned, but always love, don’t hate.

27. Be happy

28. ask.do not accept everything as truth, dig deeper, ask qestions until you are satisfied

29. respect. everyone deserves basic respect.

30. you will find out that the world, isn’t this bright rosy picture that was painted for you. but do not despair, do not let it eat you up. you are a child of the universe, borne out of love, keep that in your heart and it will serve you in good stead, always.

31. it all comes back to family. honor them, protect them, love them, fight for them.

32. give of your talents.what you’ve learned, pass it on

33. and lastly, when all is said and done, never let a moment pass without letting the precious people in your life know, just how precious they are to you.